Speckled Ceramic Candle Vessels Bulk

The ceramic candle vessels bulk feature a unique speckled design. The smooth ceramic curves inside divide a ceramic candle jar into two separate spaces, which can accommodate two different scented candles.

15oz Speckled C

Model Number: TYZ-CH17

Material: Ceramic

Capacity: 450ml

Shape: Round

Color: Amber, Beige

Size: 12*7.3cm

Empty Ceramic Candle Vessel
Brown Speckled Ceramic Candle Vessel

We have double-compartment spotted ceramic candle containers in 2 colors brown and beige. They have a base diameter of 12cm, a height of 7.3cm, and a capacity of 450ml. Empty speckled ceramic containers are great for home decoration, can be used to hold scented candles, and can also serve as storage containers.

Features of Speckled Ceramic Candle Vessels Bulk

Speckled Ceramic Candle Vessels in Bulk
Speckled Ceramic Candle Container
Speckled Ceramic Candle Containers Bulk
  • These bulk ceramic containers for candle making are heat-resistant, strong, and reusable.
  • The wide mouth of the ceramic jar is convenient for filling candles. It is not only suitable for making candles, but also for storing various foods.
  • The spots and two-panel design add to the unique charm of the ceramic candle jar.
Speckled Ceramic Candle Vessels Bulk Wholesale

Wholesale Ceramic Candle Containers

TYZ Ceramic is a ceramic products manufacturer, we provide ceramic candle vessels bulk in different colors. Our ceramic candle jars are carefully fired at 1300 degrees Celsius from high-quality clay. The smooth glaze gives each ceramic jar a stunning display of vibrant color, showcasing its unique charm. The candles are presented in beautifully decorated ceramic candle jars, creating an impressive visual display.

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