Cactus Ceramic Vase

The cactus ceramic vase is designed in the shape of a creative cactus, adding a fresh and unique touch to your home. Decorative cactus shaped planter is perfect for any home decor, patio, counter or office desk. We have the creative casyus shape ceramic pot in two sizes.

Cute Ceramic Vase

Model Number: TYZ-CV09

Material: Ceramic

Glaze Type: On-glazed

Shape: cactus shape

Color: white, pink, blue

Size: 15*18cm, 19*25cm

Ceramic Cactus Vase
Small Ceramic Cactus

The cactus vase is made of sturdy ceramic material, available in three colors. This creative ceramic vase expresses your personality through an eclectic design.

The creative cactus ceramic vase is very eye-catching when placed in the living room, study, kitchen or bedroom at home, forming a beautiful landscape. The bottom of the vase has been carefully polished, very flat and smooth. The ceramic vase has a large mouth and can hold many flowers at the same time.

Ceramic Cactus Vases
Cactus Ceramic Vases
Cactus Shape Ceramic Vases

Cactus Ceramic Vase Features

  • Ceramic Cactus Vase features two cactus arms and signature cactus textured exterior. It is perfect for fresh bouquets or flower arrangements.
  • An embossed textured pattern gives this ceramic vase a cactus-inspired look, and its polished finish makes it playful on any surface.
  • The high-quality ceramic cactus vase is rigorous and exquisite in workmanship, and the edge of the bottle mouth is smooth, which is not easy to scratch and brings you a comfortable hand feeling.
  • The bottom is sanded so it won’t hurt the table top. Anti-slip pad design at the bottom to prevent scratches on the desktop when moving.
Cactus Ceramic Flower Pots
Cactus Ceramic Vase

Custom Ceramic Vases Manufacturer

TYZ Ceramic is a professional ceramic products manufacturer, we offer wholesale ceramic vases in different shapes and colors. The ceramic vase combines cactus texture and vase shape, allowing ceramic vases to incorporate cactus elements, matching with floral art, adding a natural atmosphere to your home.

The artistic shape of cactus ceramic vase brings you emotional and visual enjoyment, making home art more creative. We can feel it with our hands, and it can also be used as a visual enjoyment to add texture to life.

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