White Ceramic Bud Vase

This white ceramic bud vase features Nordic minimalism in the shape of a teardrop. The handmade ceramic vases use a high-temperature firing process, and the ceramic surface has a matte glaze for durability.

White Modern Bud Vases

Model Number: TYZ-CV04

Material: Ceramic

Glaze Type: On-glazed

Color: White

Size: 26*8.5cm

Ceramics Bud Vase
Ceramic Bud Vases

The mouth of the ceramic vase is hand-polished, round and delicate. The bottom of the bottle has been carefully polished, which can effectively protect the desktop from scratches.

The ceramic frosted bottle body is delicate in porcelain, and the whole is very textured. Teardrop-shaped white ceramic vases can be paired with natural dried flowers, add a modern touch to a living space.

Ceramic Bud Vases Wholesale
Small Ceramic Bud Vases

White Ceramic Bud Vase Supplier

TYZ Ceramic is a manufacturer of ceramic products, we offer three models of white ceramic bud vases, they come in different heights and diameters.

This white ceramic vase is full of minimalist aesthetics. Using a flower can make an interior more elegant and sophisticated. This ceramic vase set adds a touch of glamour wherever it is placed. It can be used as a vase, statue or fireplace decoration.

This vintage white ceramic vase set works perfectly with faux flowers and takes decor to the next level. With its elegant, timeless look, this ceramic vase set will look beautiful no matter what it’s paired with.

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