White Ceramic Cup

The white ceramic cup is made of clay fired at a high temperature of thousands of degrees, non-toxic, clean, and hygienic. The general formula of white ceramic glaze is feldspar, clay, quartz, barium carbonate, etc.

White Ceramic Mugs

Model Number: TYZ-CM001

Capacity: 280ml

Color: White

Size: 12cm*8cm*9.6cm

Shape: Round

Usage: Coffee, tea, milk

Custom Ceramic Mugs
Ceramic Cup

White Ceramic Cup Features

Cup Bottom
The ceramic mug bottom is flat. It uses antibacterial white porcelain which has high-temperature high quality. It’s more comfortable for using.

Big Handle
The handle uses an ergonomic design, its handle arc is graceful. It is comfortable and convenient to hold in hand.

Cup Mouth Design
The cup mouth is round and smooth, it makes your feeling of drinking comfortable.

OEM customization
We can do OEM ceramic mugs production according to your pattern.

As the most simple coffee cup, the white ceramic mug can be decals or painted on it to make the ceramic coffee mug unique.

White Ceramic Mugs
Custom White Ceramic Cup

Why use White Ceramic Cups for Coffee?

We usually go to Starbucks to drink coffee, and we will notice that the store uses white ceramic cup. Have you ever wondered why many coffee shops drink coffee in white cups?

Some people might think it’s just for looks. But in fact, these white cups also affect your taste. A barista once said that coffee served in a white ceramic cup tasted more bitter than coffee in a clear glass.

If you’re used to drinking coffee in the morning, you might be picky about your cup selection. The color of the coffee cup can affect the taste of the coffee.

When we drink a latte in a white cup, we think the coffee is significantly stronger than a latte in a clear cup. Because the white cup has a greater color contrast to the coffee, we perceive a higher level of concentration.

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