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Chubby Ceramic Mug

Chubby ceramic mug is crafted with high quality ceramics and hand painted. The spacious handle holds the coffee cup comfortably. The round and thick base helps prevent the cup from tipping over and can also hold small snacks.

Chubby Ceramic Mug Set

Model Number: TYZ-CCS02

Capacity: 300ML

Material: Ceramic

Shape: Round

Color: white, yellow, green, purple

Size: 14*8*9cm

The chubby ceramic mug has a capacity of 300ml. We offer this chubby ceramic cup set in 4 unique colors: white, yellow, green, purple. This set of ceramic coffee mugs has a unique chubby look. The smooth glaze prevents coffee stains and is easy to clean.

The thick ceramic cup wall is more conducive to heat preservation, which is more suitable for drinking fancy coffee such as latte or cappuccino. The mouth of the ceramic cup is perpendicular to the table, so the coffee entrance is more concentrated and the taste is more balanced.

The chubby ceramic coffee mug with handle is uniquely handcrafted. This is an affordable set of ceramic mugs, the modern ceramic mugs are easy to hold and perfect for coffee, milk, cappuccino, latte, and other beverage.

Chubby Ceramic Mug Supplier

TYZ Ceramic chubby mugs are made from high temperature, so they are heat resistant and durable, dishwasher, microwave, oven safe. We provide wholesale chubby cups in different colors, and can also customize different colors according to customer needs.

Chubby Ceramic Mug Supplier

The handmade ceramic mug set is the ideal gift to bring minimalism and happiness to family and friends. The chubby ceramic coffee mug has an elegant look and a silky touch. The large ceramic base can also be used to place cakes, instant noodles and other desserts.

Chubby ceramic coffee mug is handcrafted with a unique handle. It is full of modern atmosphere, easy to hold, very suitable for home, office, dorm use. Different shapes of coffee cups will affect the taste of coffee. Different color cups can also drink different coffee tastes!

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