Ceramic Round Plate

The ceramic round plate is the best choice of many restaurants and homes, and the unique pattern and texture around the white plate adds a stylish touch. There are many shapes and types of ceramic tableware, and the most commonly used ones are round and square.

A round plate and a square plate of the same size are placed on the same plane. The round shape takes up more space than the square shape. Although it is a little bit, it is less crowded than the square tableware. In terms of cleaning, round ceramic tableware has advantages.

Square tableware mainly has the following disadvantages:

  1. When placing square tableware, try to arrange it as neatly as possible, which is more troublesome than round ceramic plates.
  2. For the same large tableware, the capacity of the square is smaller, and the capacity of the same capacity is heavier.
  3. The square plate is not easy to handle, and the four corners are always easy to leak soup.
  4. The four corners of the square plate are easy to bump.

The white ceramic round plate features a unique pattern to make food look so tempting. The round ceramic dish is grooved, which is stable and the soup is not easy to spill.

Ceramic Round Plate Manufacturer

We produce round ceramic plates in multiple sizes that can serve as entree round dinner plates, vegetable plates, and more. They are perfect for serving pasta, steak, salad, bread, fruit, sushi, sandwiches, ribs and chicken wings, etc.

These unique serving plates are made of durable ceramic and safe glaze, they are lead and cadmium free and non-hazardous. We never have to worry about harmful substances leaching into your food. These fine kitchen plates are microwave, dishwasher and oven safe. The ceramic round plate for kitchen has a smooth surface and is easy to clean. Just rinse with warm water and soap for a quick clean.

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