Wholesale Home Decor Ceramic Vases

TYZ Ceramic offers wholesale a wide range of styles of Home Decor Ceramic Vases. Ceramic vases are usually suitable for imitation flowers and are also a decoration in their own right.

Modern home decoration should not only be practical, but also beautiful. Ceramic products are very practical and indispensable in home decoration.

In order to achieve an ideal decorative effect on the appearance of the vase, the decoration ceramic vases are often decked, glazed and colored, and fired at low temperature.

Home Decor Ceramic Vases Technology

Ceramic decal process

After the ceramic vases are made, the surface is painted, then decals, and finally varnish is sprayed to protect the flowers from falling. The ceramic vases are made from dolomite, while the shiny ceramics are burned white, then glazed, painted, and roasted twice.

Wholesale Home Decor Ceramic Vases

Kiln temperature requirements

Home Decor Ceramic Vases are fired with pottery, the temperature reaches more than 800 degrees, there is a certain hardness, the sound is clear.

The kiln temperature below 1200 degrees belongs to low temperature, 1200 degrees belongs to medium temperature, 1300 degrees to 1350 degrees belongs to high temperature.

The designs on high temperature ceramic vases are hand-hooked before glazing, and the colors are filled in. The most obvious difference between high temperature ceramic vases and medium and low temperature ceramic vases is water absorption.

The water absorption rate of high temperature ceramic vase is less than 0.2%, and the product is easy to clean without absorbing peculiar smell, and the glaze cracking and local water leakage will not occur. The water absorption of medium and low temperature ceramic vases is much higher than this standard.

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