Ceramic Crockery Set

The handmade ceramic crockery set includes different sized plates, bowls and mugs, perfect for entertaining family and friends. These ceramic flatware sets are fired at high temperatures, the plates are durable enough to withstand standard wear and tear.

Round Ceramic Plates

Round ceramic plates are the most common tableware. The simple round design and unique colors make the serving plate an eye-catcher. These colorful and stylish serving plates look great on the dining table and are a great addition to family gatherings.

The ceramic plates feature a no-spill design with a lip around the rim to keep food from escaping. The glaze is as smooth as wax to prevent hands from being scratched. In addition, the unglazed base is sanded to prevent the plates from scratching each other when stacked.

The handmade ceramic dinnerware set is perfect for reheating food in the microwave. High temperature firing makes our ceramic tableware harder and less prone to cracking. Don’t worry about chips, nicks, cracks and nicks. Each ceramic plate, bowl and mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Handmade Ceramic Crockery Set Supplier

Beautifully crafted handmade ceramic crockery set with a modern minimalist style, smooth, flat finish dipped in beautiful solid colors that add a stylish and artistic touch to the table. The handmade pottery dinnerware set has a modern look. The multiple colors in the glaze react together to create a vibrant quality to the colors.

The ceramic crockery set is very popular among young people with its exquisite glaze and unique design. Since the glaze is sprayed by hand, each plate has a unique glaze color.

We offer dinner plates, salad plates, pasta bowls and mugs so you can choose from different combinations of dishes to suit your family’s dining needs. They also make a great gift idea, whether for family or friends.

The ceramic plates and bowls can be perfectly matched with food and has ornamental value. The round ceramic plates are wide enough to serve a variety of foods, serve desserts, fruit dips, snacks, appetizers, desserts.

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