Ceramic Coffee Mug Manufacturing

The ceramic coffee mug manufacturing process is divided into the following steps: mold making – grouting – repairing – drying – glazing – firing – finished ceramic mug packaging.

Mold making

According to the requirements of customized mugs, carve out the same shape, scaled up cup sample mold, and make finished ceramic coffee cup mold according to the mold.


Place the cup mold in a drying chamber and bake until completely dry. Completely dry molds can be grout. After the prepared mud is injected into the mold, the dry plaster mold absorbs moisture from the mud. Water in the mud near the mold wall is absorbed first, and particles in the mud begin to approach, forming the original mud layer.

When water is further absorbed, the diffusing force is the differenc e of pressure and concentration of water. The mud layer gradually becomes thicker, and the water in the mud layer diffuses outwards. When the thickness of the clay layer reaches the injection thickness, the ceramic mug embryo body is formed.

After leaving it for a while, drain the excess mud from the mold. The standing time should be well controlled and the time of each mold should be consistent. Otherwise, some ceramic coffee mugs have thick walls and some ceramic mugs have thin walls.

Ceramic Coffee Mug Manufacturing

Ceramic Coffee Mug Manufacturing Repairing

After the ceramic coffee mug manufacturing – mold making, it needs to repaire. Remove the formed ceramic coffee mug from the mold and use a blade to repair excess mud on the mold. Then use a sponge to clean the ceramic cup until it is smooth.


After the embryo body was repaired and cleaned, the ceramic cup was baked in the drying room. Only dry ceramic cups can cover the glaze.


Glaze is divided into outer glaze and inner glaze. Glazing is usually as simple as placing a dry cup into the glaze.


A glazed ceramic cup should be fired at a maximum temperature of about 1300 degrees. Generally from low temperature – high temperature – low temperature and other high and low temperature cycle.


After the ceramic coffee mug manufacturing – cooling, the defective ceramic cups are screened by the quality inspector and then packed into boxes. If the customer requires decoration, LOGO and so on, we will decal according to the specific situation, so as to ensure that the color of the pattern meets the requirements.

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