Ceramic Mug With Lid

The ceramic mug with lid equips a crown lid and a golden spoon. The style is retro and simple, using ceramic craftsmanship. This ceramic mug with crown gold lid has a capacity of 400ml.

Ceramic Mug With Lid

Model Number: TYZ-CM003

Capacity: 400ml

Size: 12.6cm*11.5cm

Color: Pink, Blue, White, Green, Black

Shape: Round

Material: Ceramic

Ceramic Mugs With Lids Wholesale

We offer the glass coffee mug with gold lid in Pink, Blue, White, Green, Black. Each ceramic mug is fired at temperatures above 1360 degrees Celsius to achieve fine china quality. The porcelain is fine and glossy, the glaze is bright and transparent.

Ceramic Mug With Lid Features

Crown Ceramic Mug With Gold Lid
Ceramic Mug With Big Lid
Ceramic Mug With Crown Lid
  • This ceramic mug has a simple and elegant design.
  • The workmanship is thick and firm, and it is comfortable to hold.
  • The mouth of the cup is smooth and smooth, and the handle is spacious.
  • The bottom of the cup is flat, stable and safe to use.
  • The golden crown cover can be used as a mobile phone holder for convenience.

Ceramic Mugs With Crown Lids Wholesale

Ceramic Mugs With Lids in Bulk
Ceramic Mugs With Lids

TYZ Ceramic is a manufacturer specializing in the production of ceramic products, we provide a variety of styles of Ceramic Mug with Ceramic Lid, Ceramic Mug with Wooden Lid, Ceramic Coffee Mug With Silicone Lid.

These ceramic mugs is finely polished by hand, with a smoother, rounder mouth. Our ceramic mug with lid can be made into various shapes, making them suitable for many occasions, such as Christmas, birthday party, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving.

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