Handbag Coffee Mug

The handbag coffee mug with rectangular saucer is made of ceramic material. Gold rims adorn each cup and saucer, it can be used as an ornament. The ceramic cup is matched with a stainless steel golden spoon, which is very durable and high-end. The 310ml capacity ceramic coffee cup is the right size.

Handbag Coffee Mugs

Model Number: TYZ-CM012

Volume: 310ml

Material: Ceramic

Shape: handbag shap

Color: white, pink, black

Black Ceramic Espresso Cup
Pink Ceramic Cup
White Ceramic Coffee Mug

The handbag ceramic coffee mug is available in three colors: white, pink and black. Of course, we can also customize different ceramic mugs according to customer needs.

Handbag Coffee Mugs
Best Ceramic Espresso Cups

The ceramic handbag coffee mug set includes a ceramic mug, saucer, and spoon. These ceramic cups are the right size and thickness to keep your coffee warm. The coffee cup set is suitable for important festivals, such as afternoon tea, family gatherings, Mother’s Day, Christmas, weddings and so on.

Handbag Coffee Mug Features

Ceramic Coffee Cup Set
Ceramic Mug With Saucer
Cappuccino Mug Set
  • The ceramic mug set is made of high-quality ceramics, with delicate porcelain and smooth glaze.
  • The internal structure is sturdy, resistant to high temperatures, and not easy to break.
  • Hand-painted gold edge, exquisite appearance. The polished surface is smooth, shiny, and easy to clean.
  • Rectangular ceramic plate with a non-slip base to hold snacks as a snack plate.

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