Ceramic Butter Dish With Lid

The ceramic butter dish with lid has a modern minimalist look. Fitted with a stainless steel butter knife on top of the lid. The handle is made of porcelain for easy grip and non-slip. You can conveniently use it to cut or spread butter. The ceramic butter container is fully tempered so that the ceramic butter pan will not crack at different temperatures.

Ceramic Butter Dish With Lid and Knife

Model Number: TYZ-CBK01

Material: Ceramic

Color: White

Shape: Round

Lid: Wood Cover

Size: 16*7.5cm

Ceramic Butter Keeper
White Ceramic Butter Dishes

The Ceramic Butter Dish with Lid is thick and fully tempered so that the Porcelain Butter Pan will not crack at different temperatures. The ceramic butter box with lid keeps butter fresh and also preserves spices, salt, herbs and more.

Knives on butter bucket lid slots are made of 304 stainless steel. Not only can it be used to cut butter, but it can also be used to spread bread.

The silicone ring seal of modern butter containers with lids and knives keeps butter sticks fresh in the refrigerator, but won’t mix the flavors of other foods. Also, the wooden lid can be used as a small cutting board.

Ceramic Butter Dish With Lid Features

Empty Ceramic Butter Dish
Ceramic Butter Dish With Knife
Ceramic Butter Dishes with Lids
  • The butter dish is made of thick ceramic material. Heavy-duty steel knives are thickened and the compact design allows the knives to fit correctly in the grooves.
  • The lid of the ceramic butter container is made of natural wood. A covered butter dish will keep it fresh in the refrigerator without mixing the flavors of other foods.
  • The rubber seal helps the butter seal, it keeps the butter from leaking on the table. Easy to keep and clean in the refrigerator.

Ceramic Butter Dishes Wholesale

Colored Ceramic Butter Dishes
Empty Ceramic Butter Dishes With Lids

TYZ Ceramic is a ceramic products manufacturer, we offer different ceramic butter dish and box wholesale. The large-capacity ceramic storage container provides enough space for the butter. The ceramic butter keeper can be used for butter, petit fours and cheese.

This ceramic butter dish with lid adds a stylish touch to the kitchen and complements any table setting and tableware. It is also an ideal gift for family and friends.

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