Coffee Mug With Wooden Lid

The coffee mug with wooden lid blocks the steam inside the mug. The wooden lid keeps the coffee warm. A heat-resistant wooden handle is installed on the ceramic cup body, which improves the comfort of holding the cup and brings a smooth touch. Ceramic mug with lid is suitable for coffee, chocolate, milk, tea, etc.

Model Number: TYZ-CM015

Capacity: 380ml

Color: Grey, Green, White, Black

Shape: Round

Material: Ceramic

Size: 7.6*10.8cm

Ceramic Coffee Cup With Lid
Ceramic Travel Cup With Lid
Ceramic Mug with Wooden Lid

The ceramic coffee mug with wooden lid is available in 4 colors: Grey, Green, White, and Black. The ceramic mug set comes with wooden lid, wooden handle, and spoon. This ceramic mug can be an impressive gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, housewarming parties, mother’s day and more.

Coffee Mug With Wooden Lid Features

Ceramic Tea Mug With Lid
White Ceramic Coffee Mugs
Ceramic Cappuccino Mug
  • The coffee mug is made of durable high-fired ceramic with a minimalist smooth surface. 
  • The bamboo handle is large enough and very comfortable to hold.
  • The wooden lid has an opening design for easy storage of spoons, allowing you to enjoy tea, coffee, milk comfortably.
  • The black and white ceramic coffee mugs with lids are stylish and sophisticated, durable and easy to clean. 
  • Suitable for coffee cups, tea cups, hot and cold drinks.

Ceramic Coffee Mugs with Lids Supplier

Coffee Mugs With Wooden Lids
Wholesale Ceramic Coffee Cups

TYZ Ceramic is a ceramic mug manufacturer, we have a variety of styles of ceramic mugs with wooden lids. We can also customize different ceramic cups according to customer needs.

The ceramic mug with wooden lid has a geometric shape that gives the mug a three-dimensional feel. These ceramic mugs with wooden lids can also be affixed with different prints to make them unique.

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