Funny Ceramic Mugs

The funny ceramic mugs come in a 3D butt shape, and the funny shape is especially unique. Ceramic mugs are heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean. This creative 3D ceramic mug is perfect for coffee, hot cocoa, tea, milk, and water.

Butt Shape Ceramic Cup

Model Number: TYZ-CM035

Capacity: 300ml

Color: White, Grey, Pink, Black, Gray

Material: Ceramic

Size: 12*9cm

3D Butt Black Ceramic Coffee Mug
Funny Butt Ceramic Coffee Mug
Funny Butt Coffee Mug

The capacity of funny ceramic mug is 300ml, and there are 5 colors to choose from: white, black, brown, gray, and beige. These creative ceramic mugs are multipurpose, they can also be used as vases, small plant pots, pen holders, makeup organizers, and more.

Funny Ceramic Mugs Features

Butt Shape Ceramic Coffee Mugs
Butt Shape Water Cup
Butt Shape Coffee Cups with Handles
  • This creative 3D ceramic mug is easy to clean.
  • The round and wide mouth is very comfortable to drink.
  • The thick ceramic handle is ergonomically designed for easy and comfortable holding.
  • The bottom of the ceramic cup has been manually polished, smooth, and flat, and will not hurt the table.
  • The flat bottom makes these ceramic mugs easy to stack, without taking up cabinet space.

Funny Ceramic Cups Wholesale

Funny Ceramic Mugs
Butt Shape Ceramic Water Cup

TYZ Ceramic is a professional ceramic products manufacturer, we offer wholesale funny ceramic mugs in different shapes. Our coffee mugs are made of high-quality ceramic, BPA-free, sturdy and durable. They are non-toxic, harmless, lead-free, and can withstand temperature changes from -20°C to +150°C.

Funny ceramic mugs can make everyone relax and bring psychological pleasure. They are great coffee mugs for adult parties, and entertaining, ideal as a gift for couples, and friends.

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