Ceramic Milk Pot

The mini ceramic milk pot can hold 1L of liquid, which is very suitable for one person. This small ceramic cooking pot with handle is perfect for heating milk, sauces, gravy, butter or melting chocolate and for cooking small meals.

Ceramic Milk Pots with Handle

Model Number: TYZ-CP09

Capacity: 1L

Color: White

Material: Ceramic

Shape: Round

Size: 22*9.5cm

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Small Ceramic Pots For Cooking

We have three lovely fruit patterns to choose from: Strawberry, Lemon and Cherry. The small ceramic melting pot with handle are great for cooking baby food. The small ceramic casserole is suitable for electric stove, ceramic cooktop, halogen stove, induction cooktop, microwave ovens, disinfection cabinets, and dishwashers.

Ceramic Milk Pot Features

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  • This food ceramic pot and pan is made of high-quality ceramic material with a smooth glaze for easy cleaning.
  • The mini ceramic milk saucepan has V-shaped outlet design, the small spout helps pour sauces and other liquids easily.
  • The non-slip ceramic handle adopts thickened and humanized design, which is comfortable to hold and easy to pour hot soup.
  • The bottom of the ceramic pan adopts an unglazed design, which is more non-slip and has good thermal conductivity, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

Best Ceramic Milk Pots Wholesale

Ceramic Milk Pots Wholesale
Ceramic Cooking Pans With Handles

TYZ Ceramic is a professional ceramic products manufacturer, we offer wholesale mini ceramic milk pots in differnet colors. The small ceramic milk pot adopts underglaze color technology, which is safe and non-toxic to use, and the color is bright and durable.

The interior of the mini ceramic milk pot is smooth and easy to clean. The heat-insulated ceramic handle design keeps your hands from burning, and the V-shaped pour spout design makes pouring milk easy.

The small milk ceramic pan and pot is not only used for boiling milk, but also for cooking, stewing, stewing, and frying food. It is a treasure for lazy people. The portion for one person is just right, and a small milk pot is enough to meet most of the needs.

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