Ceramic Cooking Pot With Lid

The ceramic cooking pot with lid is a round ceramic casserole, equipped with a delicate spoon. The cooking pot lid is available with a clear glass lid or a ceramic lid. This round white ceramic casserole is available in two sizes (1.8L and 2.2L). Ceramic stock pots use high-quality ceramics, and a smooth glazed design prevents food from sticking to the pot.

Ceramic Cooking Pot With Lid

Model Number: TYZ-CP01

Capacity: 1800ML, 2200ML

Material: Ceramic

Lid: Glass Lid, ceramic lid

Handle: Double Ears

Color: White

White Ceramic Cooking Pot
White Ceramic Casserole

Ceramic stew pot with lid is perfect for preparing and serving a variety of dishes, perfect for baking, cooking, storing, stewing, and more. The ceramic cooking pot with lid has a certain heat preservation performance to prevent the food from cooling too quickly.

Ceramic Cooking Pot With Lid Features

Ceramic Casserole Dish With Lid
Ceramic Stock Pot With Lid
Cooking Pottery Pot With Lid
  • Ceramic cooking pots with lids fired at 1300°C are denser and more durable than ordinary ceramics.
  • Ceramic binaural can prevent burns, more convenient and practical.
  • Ceramic thick enough to keep food warm and resist odors, stains, cracks, and chips.
  • The unique dot-shaped relief design and the gilt-edged add to the beauty of the white ceramic cooking pot.
  • A safety barrier glaze is added to the surface of the pottery cooking pots, making it easier to clean dirt and enhance the durability of the ceramic.

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