Ceramic Stone Pot

The ceramic stone pot is made of high quality clay and is double glaze fired with natural glaze. Durable ceramic material resists moisture absorption and resists cracking. Ceramic stone pots are easier to maintain, more hygienic and more durable than natural stone pots.

Model Number: TYZ-CP10

Capacity: 600ML, 750ML, 2L, 2.6L, 3.3L, 4L

Color: Black

Material: Ceramic

Size: 18.5*6cm, 20*6.5cm, 27*7cm, 29*7.5cm, 29.5*9cm, 32*9.5cm

Ceramic Casserole Pot With Lid

We have shallow ceramic stone pots with various capacities: 600ML, 750ML, 2L, 2.6L, 3.3L, and 4L. The small size is suitable for 1-2 people, and the large size is suitable for family. Ceramic pots are fired at high temperatures to create a smooth, hard glaze for easier cleaning.

Ceramic Stone Pot with Lid
Ceramic Stone Cookware

These Ceramic Casserole Pot With Lid hold heat extremely well, keeping dishes tasty and hot at the table. They can conveniently serve a variety of dishes for family or guests, such as stews, ginseng chicken soup, noodle soup, ramen, claypot rice, baked pasta, and sukiyaki, etc.

Ceramic Stone Pot Features

Ceramic Stone Stew Pot
Ceramic Stone Pot with Lid and Handle
Ceramic Stone Pot with Handle
  • The raised edge of the ceramic cooking pot can prevent the soup from boiling and overflowing.
  • The two ears of ceramic stone pot have strong load-bearing, and can be non-slip, heat-insulated and anti-scald.
  • It is comfortable to hold, and it is stable and not easy to spill.
  • The bottom of the casserole pan has been polished, and it is non-slip and stable on the table, making cooking more secure.
  • The lid of the ceramic stew pot adopts a thicker design, and the heightened arch lid gathers more flavor and makes the soup more delicious. 
  • The rounded cover handle is comfortable to hold and not hot. The vent hole in the lid is anti-roll overflow. 
  • The ceramic pot body is designed in a spherical shape, so that the food can be heated evenly in circulation and keep the original taste.

Ceramic Stone Pots Supplier

Ceramic Casserole Pot
Ceramic Stone Bowl

TYZ Ceramic is a professional ceramic cooking pots manufacturer, we offer wholesale ceramic stone pots in differnet shapes and sizes. We also offer ceramic-specific lids and premium trays, which protect hands or wooden tables from extremely hot cookware.

The ceramic pot body is added with stone material, which greatly improves the hardness and temperature difference resistance, and prevents cracking. It has good stability, high density, fine porcelain, and will not crack when the temperature changes suddenly. It is safe to use in microwave, stove, oven, freezer.

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