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Ceramic Flower Pot

The ceramic flower pot is the best ceramic animal plant pot designed and produced with cute animal heads. These feature cute animals like fox, panda, dog, cat, and other animals. They are small enough to hold in the hand, and used perfectly for growing succulents or cacti. Vegetation can be interestingly displayed, growing on the head.

Ceramic Flower Pot

Model Number: TYZ-TFP001

Material: Ceramic

Shape: Animal Shape

Finishing: Glazed

Color: white

Use: Flowers, fleshy, artificial green plants

Ceramic Flower Pot Features

Animal Ceramic Planters are well made in durable rich glazed ceramic. High-temperature ceramics have a high density, which prevents water from seeping into the succulent pot and causing color changes.

This ceramic flower pot container is not only a flower pot, but also a handicraft. Beautiful handmade ceramic bonsai pots are used for holding plants, candles, pens, and more.

Each cute ceramic planter has a unique design. They each have their own personality, appearance and color

Ceramic cactus pots are great for succulents, cacti, small flowers, and herbs. Ceramic Succulent Pots are perfect for windowsills, desks, desks, kitchen windows, bathroom, and bedroom decor.

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