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Ceramic Flower Vase

Ceramic Flower Vase is a creative Japanese Zen vase, as an art piece to decorate your home. Available in 3 different styles, these unique ceramic vases bring classic elegance to home decor. White ceramic vases and black ceramic vases are modern and classic ceramic vases ideal for flower arrangements.

White Ceramic Flower Vase

Model Number: TYZ-TCV001

Material: Ceramic

Glaze Type: On-glazed

Color: White, Black

Shape: Round

Ceramic Flower Vase Features

Made by hand, the thickness of the carcass is uniform, and the shape and lines are smooth and coordinated.

The shape is unique, the bottle mouth is different in size, and it is widely used.

The white and black ceramic pot vase has a delicate and elegant, warm touch.

The small bottle mouth and big belly shape are simple and unique. The slender mouth makes the vase more slender and delicate.

Can be used with fresh flowers, dried flowers, and branches.

The ceramic texture is warm and approachable, with a moist and delicate touch. The ceramic vases are exquisitely crafted, showing a laid-back and natural attitude against the backdrop of flowers.

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