Blue White Ceramic Vase

The blue white ceramic vase features a unique swirl design, the soft two-tone color of the frosted ceramic vase complements contemporary decor. The classic blue and white color can be easily paired with any flower, adding a decorative touch to any occasion. These vases have a frosted finish with a slight shimmer.

Model Number: TYZ-CV06

Material: Ceramic

Glaze Type: On-glazed

Shape: Irregular Shape

Color: Blue White

Size: 12.8*12.3cm, 12.3*19.5cm

Blue and White Ceramic Vases
Blue Ceramic Flower Vases

This blue white ceramic planter comes in two different shapes: swirl and rhombus shape. There are 4 different sizes for blue and white ceramic vases. The Blue and White Ceramic Vase features a geometric design, it combines artistry and practicality to add a modern touch to your home decor.

Blue White Ceramic Vase Features

Large Blue And White Ceramic Vase
Blue Ceramic Floor Vase
Blue And White Floral Ceramic Vase
Blue White Ceramic Vase
  • Each frosted ceramic vase is made of high-quality ceramic material and will not leak.
  • The matte blue and white finish is perfect for greenery, branches or flowers, creating a neat ambience.
  • The shape and size of the four blue and white ceramic vases are specially designed, and they are very harmonious when placed together.
  • Matte blue and white ceramic vases are simple and elegant. They are suitable for all types of styles, such as modern farmhouse, country, old-fashioned charm, and rustic.

Custom Ceramic Vases Mamufacturer

Blue Ceramic Vases
Small Blue Ceramic Vase

TYZ Ceramic is a professional ceramic products manufacturer, we offer wholesale blue white ceramic vases in different shapes and sizes. Our vase set is made of high quality ceramic. They are corrosion resistant and durable. We have strict quality control procedures to avoid defects.

Beautiful ceramic vases are the perfect home decor, they will effortlessly add beauty to your dining room, bathroom, tables, shelves and mantels. They can also make stunning centerpieces at weddings, bridal and baby showers.

The blue white ceramic vase has an elegant look and can be used alone as a decoration. Adding artificial or real flowers, stems, bouquets and greenery to ceramic vases can bring out another kind of beauty.

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