Ceramic Bowls for Sale in Hong Kong

Our factory received an order for customized ceramic bowls for sale, they are used for the event celebration of a shopping mall in Hong Kong…

Hong Kong customers sent mainland representatives to our factory for inspection. Our factory immediately arranged samples. Customers have high requirements for color, and our factory fully cooperates. The final sample is very satisfying to the customer.

Subsequently, our factory worked overtime to add production, and at the end of October, the customer’s products were completed in full.

On October 29th, the customer sent representatives to our factory for inspection. After the sample inspection, they expressed great satisfaction with our ceramic bowls for sale. And will continue to cooperate next time.

Ceramic Bowls for Sale

Our ceramic bowls are easy to wash and keep clean. The glaze is brighter and more delicate, and stains are easier to clean.

The ceramic bowl will not burst when it is hot and cold, the heat transfer is slow, and it is not easy to burn the hands when it is used to hold those hot things.

Ceramic bowls are chemically stable and durable. The ceramic bowl has a certain acid and alkali resistance, is not easily attacked by carbon dioxide gas in the air, and will not rust and age.

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