Ceramic Bowl With Glass Lid

The 800ml best ceramic bowl with glass lid has two gold handles, making the bowl easy to hold. The crown shape handle of lid is easy to take. The ceramic bowl features an elk pattern perfect for Christmas. This colorful ceramic serving bowl is lead-free with a high-temperature underglaze process. The color of the paint layer will not fade for a long time.

Red Ceramic Bowl

Model Number: TYZ-CB10

Capacity: 800ml

Color: Red, Green, Orange

Material: Ceramic

Size: 22*11.5cm

Lid: Glass Cover

Ceramic Bowl With Glass Lid
Ceramic Bowl With Handle-and-Glass-Lid

For this ceramic bowl with glass lid, we have three different colors: red, orange and green. Each one has a different pattern. The large-capacity design of 800ml ceramic soup bowl with lid and handle satisfies the big appetite, suitable for rice, instant noodles, soup, vegetables, fruits, etc. 

The ceramic serving bowl with lid and handle is an ideal gift for home decor, housewarming, weddings, birthdays, family gatherings or any other gathering.

Ceramic Bowl With Glass Lid Features

Green Ceramic Bowl With Cover
Ceramic Serving Bowls With Lids Sets
  • This gold-rimmed ceramic bowl features a luxurious Nordic style, the smooth glaze is easy to clean.
  • The glass lid can easily see the food in the bowl. The crown of the glass cover can be used as a mobile phone holder, which is very practical.
  • The ceramic serving bowl is designed with intimate ears, which is not easy to slip and does not get hot.
  • The double handles are comfortable to hold and hold easily and securely.

Ceramic Bowls with Lids and Handles Wholesale

Ceramic Serving Bowls With Lids Sets
Ceramic Soup Bowl With Handle And Lid

TYZ Ceramic is a ceramic products manufacturer, we offer and wholesale the ceramic bowl with glass lid in different shapes. Logos and patterns can be customized on the ceramic bowl.

Our ramen bowls are made with high quality ceramics and a new and unique reactive glaze. This ceramic noodle bowl is exquisite in workmanship, anti-scalding, non-slip, healthy and environmentally friendly, beautiful and durable.

The ceramic bowl with glass lid provides dust and heat preservation, it can be directly used as instant noodle bowl. The ceramic bowl with gold rim has a high-end visual effect, allowing you to have a pleasant dining atmosphere.

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