Custom Printed Ceramic Bowls

The custom printed ceramic bowls come in different styles including Japanese, European, Italian and more. The patterns are pasted on the porcelain bowls and then fired at high temperature, so the ceramic bowls with patterns are safe and non-toxic.

Ceramic Noodle Soup Bowl

Model Number: TYZ-CB08

Material: Ceramic

Color: white with colorful design

Shape: Round

Size: 15.3*7.5cm, 11.3*5.8cm

Custom Ceramic Bowls
Ceramic Soup Bowls

We offer ceramic bowls in a variety of patterns, each in a different style, and can also be used as a collection.

Ceramic bowls are mostly underglaze, and all underglaze ceramics are decorated on the porcelain blank and fired at a high temperature. The colored pattern is covered by the glaze layer, which looks bright, flat, and feels smooth. It has the advantages of never changing color, never fading, and being safe and hygienic.

Ceramic Rice Bowls
Ceramic Korean Bowl

Custom Printed Ceramic Bowls Supplier

TYZ Ceramic is a ceramic products manufacturer, we offer the custom printed ceramic bowls in different shapes and color. The print can be decorated on the inside or outside of the ceramic bowl.

Spanish Ceramic Fruit Bowl
Ceramic Noodle Bowl
Handmade Ceramic Bowl

Ceramic Bowls Printing Process

  1. Use a stamp engraved with decorative patterns to print patterns on the tire that has not yet dried out.
  2. Use a mold engraved with patterns to make blanks, so that patterns are left on the tire.
  3. For screen printing, there are two types: on-glaze screen printing and under-glaze screen printing. The color material is overprinted on the product through the pattern screen, with rich layers and strong three-dimensional effect.

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