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Ceramic Vases Set

The 3-piece ceramic vases set includes a large vase, a small vase and a disc. Vase set of 3 is made of high quality ceramic and fired at high temperature. We offer the ceramic bud vases sets in different pattern. The ceramic vases set has a vintage style with vintage flower and bird motifs.

White Ceramic Vase Set

Model Number: TYZ-TCV008

Material: Ceramic

Technology: Color Glaze

Shape: Round

Color: White

Size: 14*25cm, 14*16cm, 21*2.5cm

This ceramic vase set is most classic and popular in China as a good collection and decoration. This set of ceramic vases has a staggered combination of heights, which easily brings elegance to the table in the living room.

Round Ceramic Bud Vases

Porcelain vases have soft lines, narrow mouth and wide body, giving people a sense of calm and stability. The flower and bird patterns on the ceramic bottle are lifelike, as if it contains the elegance and fragrance of a room.

Among all kinds of works of art, porcelain plate paintings are gradually favored by collectors due to their unique charm. Porcelain plate painting is an art developed on the basis of calligraphy and painting, which integrates porcelain craft and calligraphy and painting art into one.

3 Piece Decorative Ceramic Vases Set Wholesale

More and more people like to place ceramic vases set with fresh or dried flowers to decorate home, which can make our home more artistic. Our decorative ceramic vase ornaments are made of healthy and environmentally friendly ceramic materials.

These ceramic vases have a smooth curved surface that feels comfortable in the hand, and the beautiful pattern adds to the stylish look of the vase.

The ceramic three-piece set with different styles of patterns can adapt to European style, Korean style, and Japanese style home decoration. A three-piece set of decorative plates and large and small vases, which can not only bring a great sense of decoration, but also be very practical.

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