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Ceramic Candle Vessels

The ceramic candle vessels come in 5 different colors, and the bottle is decorated with golden stars and moons. We have 3 different sizes: 8*7.5cm, 8*9.5cm, and 10.2*10.2cm.

Candle Ceramic Containers

Model Number: TYZ01

Material: Ceramic

Capacity: 101-200ml


Size: 10*10*10cm

Shape: Round

The colorful ceramic candle containers come in 5 different colors: white, pink, black, blue, and green. Star and moon print are affixed to each mug, adding to the beauty of the candle jar.

Colorful Ceramic Candle Vessels

The ceramic candle holder is reusable. It can be used to hold candles, and the empty ceramic candle vessel also can be used as a ceramic holder to store makeup brushes, spoons, flowers, and more.

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