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Ceramic Candle Vessel Wholesale

Ceramic Candle Vessels with Lids Bulk

We offer ceramic candle vessel wholesale, ceramic jars with lids can be used as kitchen storage containers. Ceramic candle jars use colorful craftsmanship to give each ceramic candle jar a beautiful appearance. Model Number: TYZ-CH11 Material: Ceramic Lid: Metal Lid Shape: Round Color: Pink, Blue, Green Size: 9*10cm Request A Quote The ceramic jars are … Read more

Ceramic Candle Jars With Lids

Ceramic Candle Jars Wholesale

TYZ Ceramic offers ceramic candle jars with lids wholesale for all over the world, we have various shapes candle vessels bulk. Each ceramic candle jar is exquisite and beautiful. A beautiful candle jar is attractive, an empty ceramic jar can be filled with scented candles of any flavor, perfect for decorating home. Model Number: TYZ-CH09 … Read more

Ceramic Candle Jars Wholesale

Marble Candle Holders

TYZ Ceramic supplies ceramic candle jars wholesale. Our marble candle jars come in a variety of colors: pink, green, blue and grey marble. Marble has magical qualities that bring a touch of luxury to any room in your home or office. Model Number: TYZ-CH07 Material: Ceramic Color: red, grey, blue, green Shape: Round Size: 8*10cm … Read more

Candle Ceramic Jar

Ceramic Candle Jars

The colorful ceramic jar candles are collected in five colors, which make people feel happy. Its outer surface is like scales. It is mainly used to hold candles. Candle ceramic jars with gold rims look nobler, and empty ceramic jars can be used as decorations. Model Number: TYZ-CH02 Shape: Round Material: Ceramic Color: white, blue, … Read more

Ceramic Food Storage Container

Ceramic Food Storage Container

The ceramic food storage container is made of ceramic material, which is scratch-proof, moisture-proof and shatter-proof. The lid of the ceramic jar is made of bamboo material, it can be tightly attached to the ceramic jar, and it is sturdy and durable. The bamboo cover and silicone ring form a sealed space for effective sealing … Read more



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