Stoneware Pottery Dinnerware Set

The stoneware pottery dinnerware set includes 1 saucer plate, 1 ceramic footed bowl, and 1 round bowl. We have black and white ceramic stoneware tableware sets. The exquisite ceramic dinnerware set features a variety of flatware to suit a variety of dining needs and stacks nicely. It takes up very little space in the kitchen cabinet. They are suitable for steaks, pasta, desserts, fruits, snacks, cakes and more.

Stoneware Pottery Dinnerware Set

Model Number: TYZ-CTS011

Material: Ceramic

Color: White, Black

Shape: Round

Plates Size: 23*3.8cm, 16*9cm

Bowls Size: 17*8cm

Stoneware Pottery Dinnerware Sets
Japanese Stoneware Dinnerware

The stoneware ceramic bowl with feet is designed in Nordic style, with fine workmanship and very practical, which brings you great convenience. White and black footed ceramic bowls are perfect for serving a variety of foods such as desserts, fruit salads, and more.

Stoneware Ceramic Plates
Ceramic Stoneware Plates

Stoneware ceramic tableware is all dishwasher safe and microwave safe for quick and easy mealtimes. Unique kitchen ceramic utensils are part of the must-haves for any new apartment.

Stoneware Pottery Dinnerware Set Features

Ceramic Stone Plates
Ceramic Stoneware Plate
Vintage Stoneware Ceramic Bowl
  • The surface of the ceramic tableware is a three-dimensional granular glaze, which is simple and natural to the touch.
  • Simple ceramic tableware with a special firing process. The elegant design makes the stoneware pottery dinnerware set very stylish and will decorate the dining table in style.
  • The large deep dish is very sturdy and the sunken area in the center prevents food from spilling. The wide sides also allow food to cool faster and make scooping easier. 
  • The ceramic stoneware plate is smooth and scratch-resistant, and it’s super easy to clean without leaving any residue.

Custom Stoneware Dinnerware Manufacturer

Custom Stoneware Dinnerware Manufacturer
Custom Stoneware Dinnerware

We have stoneware pottery dinnerware sets in different shapes, the black and white ceramic tableware set is the most classic and popular tableware, they can match any style of home. We can also customize ceramic stoneware with different colors and sizes according to customers’ needs.

These ceramic plates and bowls feature a minimalist design. The stoneware pottery dinnerware set is fired at high temperatures and are usually thicker and denser than bone china. White ceramic plates with a speckled pattern bring a new look to mealtimes, making each piece unique.

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