Personalized Ceramic Cups

Personalized ceramic cups are gradually gaining popularity and have become the first choice for gifts. Customize one for your friends and family members, hold a special cup to drink water, and enjoy the unique fun.

Pony Ceramic Mug

Model Number: TYZ-CM019

Capacity: 500ml

Material: Ceramic

Package Size: 9*15 cm

Color Ceramic Mug
Pony Ceramic Cup
Pony Custom Ceramic Mug

We have 4 styles of ceramic pony cups. This tall ceramic mug can hold 500ml of coffee. The three-dimensional unicorn horse on the cup is matched with the colorful cup body, which is lively and interesting.

Personalized Ceramic Cups Features

Personalized Ceramic Coffee Travel Mugs
Color Pony Ceramic Mugs
Pony Ceramic Mug with Lid
  • The high-quality ceramic cup is resistant to high temperature, not easy to break, non-toxic, safe, and the cup mouth is delicate and smooth.
  • The ceramic handle is in the shape of an ear for a comfortable grip. 
  • The personalized ceramic cups are matched with a beautiful PV covers, which is good-looking and effectively prevents dust.

Custom Ceramic Cups Manufacturer

Custom Ceramic Cups
Custom Ceramic Coffee Cups
Personalized Ceramic Cups

TYZ Ceramic is a manufacturer specializing in the production of ceramic products, we provide various styles of personalized ceramic coffee mugs.

The personalized ceramic cups can be customized in various glaze colors, and various logos. Customized ceramic cups use high-quality ceramics, have strong texture, attractive appearance, round and smooth cup body, beautiful and delicate. 

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