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Panda Ceramic Mug

Panda ceramic mug with lid and spoon is made of high quality ceramic. The ceramic cup lid is designed with a creative panda face, and the cup handle is designed with green bamboo.

Panda Ceramic Mug

Model Number: TYZ-CM017

Capacity: 450ml

Color: White

Material: Ceramic

Shape: Round

Size: 12.8*10cm

We supply four kinds of ceramic panda mugs with different patterns, each panda has a different action and is very cute. The ceramic cup has a round shape and can hold a capacity of 400ml. Can be used as water cup, coffee cup, milk cup, breakfast cup, etc.

Panda Ceramic Mug With Lid Supplier

TYZ Ceramic is specialized in producing ceramic products. This panda ceramic mug is fired at a high temperature of 1300°C. The inner wall and the mouth of the cup are brightly glazed, bright and smooth, and easy to clean.

The panda mug with spoon and lid has a smooth and jade-like porcelain surface that is crystal clear. There is an opening in the ceramic cup lid, just enough to put down the stainless steel spoon. The handle adopts bamboo ergonomic design, which is good in hand and easy to use.

We have a huge production base and a large warehouse base to ensure that we can deliver our products to our customers on time.

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