Ceramic Fruit Bowl

The ceramic fruit bowl is exquisite and beautiful with a tree grain texture. The large round ceramic bowl with wood bowl pad is simple and stylish, which can effectively protect the dining table. The ceramic bowl has a wooden handle design, which is more convenient to take.

Ceramic Fruit Bowls

Model Number: TYZ-CB03

Capacity: 400ml, 850ml

Color: White, Pink, Green, Yellow

Shape: Round

Material: Ceramic

Size: 13*5cm, 15.8*7cm

White Ceramic Fruit Bowl
Pink Ceramic Fruit Bowl with Stand

We offer this ceramic fruit bowl with stand in four different colors: white, pink, green, yellow. They are used to hold salads, fruits, soups, vegetables, curries and pasta, etc. The ceramic bowl is matched with the wooden tray, which is simple and elegant, and perfectly displays the delicious food.

Ceramic Fruit Bowl with Stand Features

Ceramic Bowl For Fruit
Pink Ceramic Fruit Bowl
Ceramic Salad Serving Bowl
  • The salad bowl is made of high-quality ceramic materials, and the ceramic bowl is fired at high temperature, which is lead-free, non-toxic and safe to use.
  • The surface of the ceramic soup bowl adopts the underglaze color technology, the glaze is bright and smooth, and the color is even and delicate.
  • Ceramic salad bowl has tree trunk texture design, is new and unique.
  • Ceramic fruit bowls are smoother, healthier, safer and easier to clean than plastic.

Flat Bottom Ceramic Bowls Application

Ceramic Fruit Bowl
Ceramic Flower Pots with Stand

The ceramic serving bowl can be stacked and stored, which is stable and convenient, saving space for the kitchen and dining table. The sturdy ceramic bowl is modern and adaptable for every occasion, home, party, restaurant, banquet, dinner and more.

The empty ceramic bowls with flat bottom have many uses, they can be used as cat food bowls, pet drinking bowls, fruit serving bowls, ceramic flower pots, etc.

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