Ceramic Lined Thermos

The ceramic lined thermos uses a stainless steel and ceramic double-layer inner liner, which has a good thermal insulation effect. It keeps the coffee at its original temperature for up to 6 hours. The lid of ceramic lined coffee thermos has 2 modes, direct drinking spout mode or straw spout mode.

420ml Ceramic Lined Thermos

Model Number: TYZ-CM039

Capacity: 420ml

Material: Ceramic + Stainless steel

Color: Pink, Purple, Green

Shape: Round

Size: 9*15cm

420ml Ceramic Lined Thermos
Ceramic Lined Coffee Thermos with Handle
Ceramic Lined Thermos Bulk

This ceramic lined coffee mug holds 420ml/13oz of hot or cold beverages. It comes with a sealing lid to prevent leaks or spills. The compact body design makes this coffee mug travel-friendly. We have ceramic lined thermos in three gradient colors, pink, purple, and green.

Ceramic Lined Thermos with Handle
Ceramic Lined Thermos Wholesale

The travel coffee mug features an eco-friendly flip-top opening, making one-handed drinking a breeze. There is also a straw design on the surface of the lid, so you can drink directly with a straw.

Ceramic Lined Thermos Features

Ceramic Thermos Cup
Ceramic Coffee Thermos
  • Ceramic lined thermos use ceramic inner liner and 304 stainless steel insulation layer, which can effectively lock the internal coffee temperature.
  • The lid is sealed and leak-proof, and the portable lanyard design is easy to carry.
  • The bottom of the coffee cup uses a non-slip silicone pad, which makes it easy to place and not easy to pour.
Ceramic Lined Coffee Thermos
Ceramic Lined Coffee Thermos with Straw

We accept ceramic mug customization services. Customers are required to determine the product model, color quantity, price and delivery time, and provide printed LOGO patterns. After confirming with the customer that everything is correct, production begins.

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