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Candle Ceramic Containers

Candle White Ceramic Container

The candle ceramic containers are made of high-quality porcelain. Candles in ceramic jars have a pleasant and clean scent that spreads slowly and lasts for a long time. We have basic ceramic jars in white and black. We are a professional manufacturer of ceramic candle jars. The matte glazed or glossy finish can be customized. … Read more

Ceramic Candle Vessels

Ceramic Candle Vessels

The ceramic candle vessels come in 5 different colors, and the bottle is decorated with golden stars and moons. We have 3 different sizes: 8*7.5cm, 8*9.5cm, and 10.2*10.2cm. The colorful ceramic candle containers come in 5 different colors: white, pink, black, blue, and green. Star and moon print are affixed to each mug, adding to … Read more