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Ceramic Butter Dish

The ceramic butter dish consists of a black ceramic plate and a white lid. This buttery ceramic lid has a handle on top for easy picking up. The butter storage container preserves the flavor and freshness of butter, preventing food spoilage.

Ceramic Butter Dish

Model Number: TYZ-BK02

Material: Ceramic

Shape: rectangle

Color: white

Size: 18*13cm

The butter ceramic container fits standard sized butter sticks. It protects butter while keeping countertops and tables clean. This ceramic butter holder offers ultimate convenience as it is very easy to clean.

The ceramic butter pan features a modern design and high-quality ceramic construction. Ceramic plates can hold food such as bread, fruit, biscuits, etc., creating a sturdy and beautiful decoration.

Ceramic Butter Dish With Lid Features

The butter ceramic dish is fired at high temperature, the porcelain surface is delicate, smooth and easy to clean.

The ceramic lid has the word “Butter” on the outside, with a high temperature decal.

The ceramic base can be used as a tray, and the bottom is non-slip, which can be placed on the dining table.

The ceramic butter dish with lid is beautiful and functional, and can be held in one hand.

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