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Speckled Ceramic Plates

These speckled ceramic plates are made of durable ceramic and feature Japanese style. The unique black glaze and rounded shape design is stylish and elegant, and the handmade glaze looks beautiful and unique. We have a variety of sizes perfect for homes, restaurants and other occasions.

Speckled Ceramic Plates for Sale

Model Number: TYZ-CTS013

Material: Ceramic

Color: Black

Shape: Round

Plate Size: 6in 7in 8in 9in 10in

The ceramic plate and safety glaze are fired at high temperature, resulting in bright and rich color, clear texture and natural magnolia touch. The glaze surface of the spotted ceramic plate has high hardness, is not easy to wear and easy to clean. The unglazed bottom can effectively prevent slipping.

The matte ceramic dinner plate accentuates your food, and its classic round shape pairs easily with other dinnerware. Round ceramic plates stack easily and don’t take up a lot of space in your cabinets. They are easy to clean, wash them with soap and hot water. They are safe for use in microwaves, refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers.

Speckled Ceramic Plates Wholesale

TYZ Ceramic is a professional ceramic tableware manufacturer, we offer wholesale speckled ceramic plates in different shapes and sizes. Elegant ceramic dinner plates bring you a different visual experience, they are perfect for parties, weddings, restaurants, etc.

Speckled Ceramic Plates in Bulk

These black speckled ceramic plates are thick and durable enough to prevent scratches. The bottom of the plate has an unglazed edge, which makes it very stable to place on the dining table and does not slide easily. It’s large enough with slightly flared edges to prevent food from spilling off the plate.

Our ceramic speckled plates are fired with two different glazes, so the surface will show up with beautiful colors, making food look even more delicious. The reactive glaze makes each plate unique, so it often changes color depending on the light. Our glaze is also strong enough to resist scratches from knives and forks.

Ceramic dinner plate sets are designed with unique patterns and different colors to make your food look more attractive. They’re perfect for steaks, salads, pastas, appetizers, pies, desserts and snacks.

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