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Pottery Cups

The capacity of pottery cups is 480ml, with a simple and classic design. Unique patterns and nature-inspired glazes make each cup a work of art. These handcrafted elegant Japanese ceramic coffee mugs are the ideal vessel for sipping coffee.

Ceramic Pottery Mugs

Model Number: TYZ-CM005

Capacity: 480ml

Size: 12.5*9*10.5cm

Color: White, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green

Shape: Round

Material: Ceramic

This Japanese style ceramic coffee mug is available in five unique colors: blue, green, yellow, pink, white.

This ceramic coffee cup has a capacity of 480ml, which can meet the needs of large capacity.

Handmade Pottery Cups with Handle Wholesale

The ceramic mug is designed with a sturdy ceramic construction and is made of lead-free, cadmium-free and high-quality ceramics.

The large handle prevents the coffee cup from spinning when you try to hold it, helping you enjoy your coffee or tea more comfortably.

Clean them easily in the dishwasher with no finish wear. Smooth inside and out without leaving coffee stains.

This coffee mug is hand-kneaded and has a unique glazed design. Different glazes are mixed to create this beautiful color on the cup.

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