Gold Ceramic Vase

The gold ceramic vase is made of high quality eco-friendly ceramic material. The handcrafted ceramic vases feature a rational geometric cylindrical design. The golden vase has a clear outline and a good decorative effect. Small mouth ceramic vases can be filled with flowers or plants.

Gold Ceramic Vases Bulk

Model Number: TYZ-CV02

Glaze Type: On-glazed

Material: Ceramic

Color: Gold

Shappe: Round

Handmade Ceramic Flower Vase
Gold Plated Vases

Gold ceramic vases feature unique shapes, luxurious golden surfaces and elegant lines to add an artistic touch to an interior.

Gold Ceramic Vase Wholesale

Gold Ceramic Vases
Round Ceramic Vase

TYZ Ceramic is a professional ceramic products manufacturer, we provide various styles of golden ceramic vases. This ceramic vase with gold plated decoration is perfect for decorating modern furniture and gold house decor.

As a very delicate container, golden vase can play the finishing touch. The golden vase is used to upgrade the soft furnishings of the home, enhance the texture, and make the whole home more advanced. A golden vase paired with a simple flower makes the entire space resplendent.

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