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Ceramic Jug Vase

The ceramic jug vase is decorated in relief and is ideal for displaying flowers and other tall plants. This white vase with handle comes in a unique jug style. It is used to decorate tables, countertops, shelves, patios, etc.

The white jug vase is made of 100% ceramic, hand glazed with high standard craftsmanship and quality control. This white ceramic vase is suitable for many styles: classic, traditional, farmhouse and boho.

This is a multifunctional ceramic kettle that can be used as a vase, not only for dried flowers, but also for water and real flowers.

Ceramic Jug Vase Wholesale

We offer ceramic vases for flowers in two different shapes: white ceramic milk jug vase with handle and white ceramic flower jug with stem.

Vintage white ceramic vase with handle design complements modern furniture, and makes a great housewarming gift for a friend.

White ceramic pot vase is perfect as a centerpiece for weddings, graduations, parties, coffee tables, dining rooms, fireplaces and bathrooms, living rooms.

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