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Ceramic Ramen Bowl With Lid

Ceramic Ramen Bowls With Lids

The ceramic ramen bowl with lid is decorated with plum blossoms in different colors, and the shape is elegant and poetic. This ceramic flower bowl is suitable for high-end western restaurants to make soup, ramen, rice, salad. Each ceramic flower bowl with lid measuring 16.8cm in diameter and 11.5cm in height. We offer ceramic ramen … Read more

Cute Ceramic Bowl

Ceramic Cooking Bowl

Cute ceramic bowl with lid uses a creative cute bear cartoon image and has a capacity of 950ml. The ceramic instant noodle bowl has two small handles and a removable cartoon bear lid. The Creative Bear ceramic bowl is white on the inside, and three different colors on the outside: white, yellow and black. This … Read more

Ceramic Pumpkin Bowl

Ceramic Pumpkin Bowl With Lid

The Ceramic pumpkin bowl has a realistic three-dimensional pumpkin shape, adds a festive touch to the table. Ceramic pumpkin soup bowl is perfect for serving pumpkin and vegetables. It is safe to use in the microwave, oven, and refrigerator. We offer pumpkin ceramic soup bowls with lids in a variety of colors orange, green, red, … Read more