4 Pcs Ceramic Bathroom Set

Ceramic Bathroom Soap Dispenser Set

The 4 pcs ceramic bathroom set includes a ceramic soap dish, a ceramic toothbrush holder, a ceramic tumbler, and a ceramic shampoo bottle dispenser. Our ceramic bathroom set has a high gloss finish and smooth finish, making it perfect for everyday use. The white ceramic bathroom sets fits any bathroom décor. They are durable and … Read more

Ceramic Foaming Soap Dispenser

Ceramic Washing Up Liquid Dispenser

The ceramic foaming soap dispenser features a ceramic body and plastic nozzle. The pump head has a large area, and it automatically foams when pressed, and the foam is fine and rich. This ceramic foam soap dispenser is widely used in kitchen, bathroom, vanity. Model Number: TYZ-CD06 Material: Ceramic Capacity: 360ml, 400ml, 440ml Color: White, … Read more

Ceramic Kitchen Soap Dispenser

Ceramic Kitchen Soap Dispensers

The ceramic kitchen soap dispenser features a rhombus-shaped geometric embossed design, the gold and silver soap dispensers have an elegant and noble look. The round soap dispenser is made of thick, sturdy high quality ceramic material, they fit most bathroom kitchen sinks and countertops. Model Number: TYZ-CD04 Material: Ceramic Capacity: 400ml Color: Gold, Silver Shape: … Read more



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