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TYZ Ceramic is a household ceramics manufacturer, we offer ceramic bowls, cooking pots, mugs, vases and storage jars to complete your home.

Classification of Household Ceramics

Classification by ceramic material: At present, the household ceramics circulating in the market include daily-use fine porcelain, daily-use ordinary porcelain, daily-use stoneware, bone china, Linglong daily-use porcelain, and daily-use fine pottery.

Classification by flower surface decoration method: According to the characteristics of flower surface, household ceramics can be divided into overglaze color, in-glaze color, underglaze color, colored glaze, and uncolored white porcelain.

White porcelain usually refers to ceramics without any colored decoration. Colored glaze porcelain is to add a high-temperature colorant to the ceramic glaze, so that the glazed surface of the fired product will present a certain color, such as yellow, blue, bean green, etc.

Household Ceramics Advandages

Household ceramics has been loved and used by the masses of the people for a long time, because it has the following advantages:

  1. Easy to wash and keep clean. The surface of household porcelain glaze is bright and delicate, and it is easy to wash off after being stained.
  2. Good thermal stability, slow heat transfer. When the home meal can withstand a certain temperature difference, it is not easy to burst. In this regard, it is superior to glassware, which is a poor conductor of heat and conducts heat slowly. Ceramic tableware is used to hold boiling water or scalding hot food without being too hot to handle.
  3. The chemical properties are stable and durable. This is superior to metal products such as copper, iron, aluminum, etc. Household ceramics have certain acid and alkali resistance, are not easy to chemically react with these substances, and do not rust and age.
  4. Porcelain has very few pores and low water absorption. Store food in kitchen ceramic storage jars with lids, which can prevent the evaporation of moisture in the food and the invasion of external bacteria.
  5. Painted decorations are rich and colorful, especially high-temperature glazes and blue and white decorations. These painted decorations are lead-free, non-toxic, bold and popular.

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