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Best Chocolate Melting Pot

The best chocolate melting pot consists of two parts: a ceramic base and a ceramic pot. The base holds a tea light and acts as a ceramic candle burner. The small ceramic pot is perfect for melting butter, cheese, candy, chocolate, candles, caramels and more.

Best Chocolate Melting Pot

Model Number: TYZ-CP06

Color: White, Red

Material: Ceramic

Shape: Round

Size: 10.2*6.4cm+10.2*6.3cm

Ceramic Chocolate Melter
Chocolate Ceramic Melting Pot

The Mini Fondue Melting Pot has a symmetrical design up and down, and the openings on both sides add a chic sentiment, warm and romantic. Our Ceramic Chocolate Melter is perfect for melting chocolate and cheese for dipping fruit, bread, cookies, marshmallows and more.

Best Chocolate Melting Pot Features

Ceramic Melter for Chocolate
Chocolate Melting Pots
Candy Ceramic Melting Pot
  • The best chocolate melting pot is made of ceramic with glossy glaze, stain-resistant and easy to clean for long-term use. 
  • The mini ceramic pot can be used as a chocolate oven, ice cream oven, cheese oven, cheese oven.
  • The upper and lower contact parts of the best chocolate melting pot adopt a non-slip clamping design, which is very stable on the table.

How to Use Ceramic Melting Pot

White Ceramic Candy Melt Warmer
Ceramic Chocolate Melting Pot Set

Place the candle in the ceramic hob, put the chocolate sauce in the upper Chocolate Warmer Pot, and wait for it to heat up slowly. Delicious snacks, fruits, dipped in sweet chocolate, enjoy a silky and sweet taste.

Custom Chocolate Melter Pots

Candy Ceramic Melting Pot
Ceramic Melting Pot Fondue Set with 4 Dishes

TYZ Ceramic is a professional ceramic products manufacturer, we offer wholesale ceramic chocolate melting pots in different colors and shapes. The porcelain of the ceramic chocolate melting pot is fine and smooth, and the glaze has a good texture.

Ceramic cooking pot is fired at high temperature and has strong heat resistance. The ceramic bottom is unglazed, not easy to slide and won’t hurt the table top.

The best chocolate melting pot has a wide mouth, making it easier to stir the chocolate to melt it. The ceramic base features double sided vents for constant temperature and holds candles.

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