Double Walled Ceramic Mug

The Double Walled Ceramic Mug is a ceramic insulated cup that has a polygonal shape. The ceramic coffee mug equips with a ceramic lid and stainless steel golden straw, with no handle. The ceramic lid has a golden bell for easy opening of the lid. The ceramic body bottle is decorated with stars.

Double Walled Ceramic Mug

Model Number: TYZ-CM004

Capacity: 450ml

Size: 15.5*9.3cm

Color: White, Black, Blue, Green

Material: Ceramic

Accessories: Lid and Spoon

Double Layer Blue Ceramic Mug
Double Ceramic Mug
Double Walled Black Ceramic Mug

We offer four colors for this Double Walled Ceramic Insulated Mug: blue, green, white, and black. The double walled ceramic mug is equipped with a lid and straw, this ceramic mug is suitable for milk, coffee, tea, or other beverages.

Double Walled Ceramic Mugs Wholesale
Double Walled Ceramic Mugs in Bulk

This stylish ceramic mug is the perfect gift for special occasions like Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, Thanksgiving, housewarmings, and more.

Double Walled Ceramic Mug Features

Double Walled Ceramic Mug with Lid and Straw
Double Walled Ceramic Mugs for Sale
Double Walled Ceramic Mugs

The ceramic coffe mug has a double layer to keep the temperature of the coffee. With high quality and large capacity, it is made of high-quality ceramics.

In practical lid design, a small mouth can be placed with a straw or a stirring spoon to prevent dust from entering, non-toxic and heavy metal.

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