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Ceramic Espresso Cup Set

The ceramic espresso cup set has a creative petal shape. This ceramic coffee mug with gold rim comes with a ceramic plate and golden spoon. Our cups and saucers are made from durable porcelain that is non-toxic and lead-free. Ceramic cappuccino cups have thick walls that retain heat and aroma well.

Ceramic Coffee Mug Set

Model Number: TYZ-CCS03

Volume: 200ml

Material: Ceramic

Color: white, black, Pink, Blue

Shape: Petal Shape

Technology: Vacuum Plating

Our coffee mug set is made of high quality ceramics. The flower shape of ceramic cup and plate is unique, the glaze is delicate and moist. The grooves of the ceramic saucer are just right for the cups. The ceramic coffee mug and ceramic plate adopt gold rim, they are very beautiful.

The petal-shaped ceramic cup mouth is round and soft to the touch. The ceramic handle is plated in gold, which is very attractive. The handle has a moderate arc for a comfortable grip. The bottom of the ceramic mug is unglazed for slip resistance.

The practice of vacuum electroplating is now a relatively popular practice, and the ceramic products made have a strong sense of metal and high brightness. Compared with other coating methods, vacuum plating has lower cost and less pollution to the environment.

Note: Trace gold products cannot be placed in microwave ovens, ovens, sterilization cabinets, and cannot be scrubbed with hard objects.

Ceramic Espresso Cup Set Wholesale

TYZ Ceramic is a ceramic products manufacturer, we offer wholesale the ceramic espresso cup set with different colors. We can further process the ceramic cup, such as electroplating, labeling, custom logo, etc.

The ceramic espresso cup set has a smooth surface, a light texture, an open cup shape, and an outward lip, which provides a good drinking experience. The porcelain is smooth and delicate, with smooth lines and comfortable to hold.

The ceramic coffee cup, handle and plate are painted with a gold edge, which is unique and adds to the beauty of the cup. The bottom edge is not glazed for anti-slip effect.

The ceramic plate is thick and textured, not only can be used as a cup base, but also as a dessert plate to serve food. The saucer has a groove design, just to hold the cup firmly and avoid slipping.

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