Ceramic Coffee Pot Set

The ceramic coffee pot set includes a 420ml teapot, a 310ml cup, and a 6.4-inch saucer. The tea set is made of eco-friendly, lead-free, and non-toxic ceramic, suitable for serving tea, and coffee. This ceramic tea set with Christmas elements is especially suitable as a Christmas gift.

Christmas Ceramic Coffee Pot Set

Model Number: TYZ-CCS10

Capacity: 310ml, 420ml

Color: Red, White

Material: Ceramic

Size: D16.4cm (Plate), 11*5.5cm (Cup), 15.3*11cm (Pot)

Ceramic Tea Coffee Pot sET
Ceramic Coffee Pot and Cup Set
Ceramic Teapot Set

We have ceramic coffee pot sets in various patterns, these elegant mugs feature delicate Christmas tree designs, perfect for holiday parties. The whole set of ceramic cups and saucers has a texture. It can be used as an afternoon tea cup or a breakfast cup. A ceramic cup saucer and pot set can meet various needs.

Ceramic Coffee Pot Set Features

Coffee Ceramic Cup and Saucer
Ceramic Tea Coffee Pot and Saucer Set
Ceramic Tea Coffee Pot and Cup
  • Ceramic teapots are stackable on top of coffee mugs. The shape of the angled teapot spout prevents drips.
  • This is good for storage and saves more space in the kitchen or on the table.
  • The lid of the ceramic kettle has a buckle design, which can effectively prevent the lid from falling off.
  • The ceramic mugs and jugs are glazed with high-temperature fired ceramics and the handles are accented with gold, making them a beautiful sight.
  • The ceramic pot lid handle is embellished with gold, which is a fusion of retro and trendy enjoyment of individual craftsmanship.

Ceramic Coffee Sets Wholesale

Ceramic Teapot Sets
Ceramic Teapot Cup and Saucer Sets

TYZ Ceramic is a professional ceramic cup manufacturer, we offer wholesale ceramic coffee pot sets in different colors. Ceramic cups and teapots can be stacked for easy storage without taking up space. The arc of the bionic olecranon is smooth, and the water is smooth. The hand-painted handle design is reasonable, comfortable, and easy to hold.

The ceramic coffee teapot is fired at high temperature, with a smooth and delicate surface, suitable for brewing scented tea and coffee. This ceramic tea coffee pot set will add classic elegance to your dining table, perfect for family breakfasts, afternoon tea, and casual weekend brunch.

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