Ceramic Spice Pots

The ceramic spice pots are used to hold various condiments, such as sugar, salt, pepper, condiments, suitable for kitchens, restaurants, coffee bars, bars and other places. The bottoms of our storage containers fit perfectly with the lids and can be easily stacked to save some space in your kitchen.

Ceramic Spice Pots

Model Number: TYZ-SJ05

Capacity: 250ml

Material: Ceramic

Color: White, Green, Gray

Shape: Round

Size: 28.5*10cm

White Ceramic Spice Pot
Gray Ceramic Spice Pot with Lid
Green Ceramic Spice Pot
Ceramic Spice Pots with Lids and Spoons

This attractive ceramic spice jar is available in three colors to complement any home decor. Each ceramic spice jar has a capacity of 300ml, and can be placed on the counter without taking up much space. A set of 3 ceramic spice pots can meet your different needs, the beautiful base shelf helps keep spice jars organized.

Ceramic Spice Pots Features

Ceramic Coffee Storage Containers
Gray Ceramic Spice Pot
Ceramic Food Pots
  • The striped design of the ceramic jar is non-slip and easy to hold. Each sugar container has a spoon and wooden lid to keep out dust.
  • The perforated lids are designed for scoops, and matching spoons and lids make serving and storage easy.
  • The bamboo wood tray is designed with grooved card slots for the ceramic jars, which is convenient for storage and neatness.

Ceramic Storage Pot Jars Wholesale

White Ceramic Sugar Containers
Ceramic Food Storage Pots

TYZ Ceramic is a professional ceramic storage jars manufacturer, we offer wholesale ceramic spice pots set in different shapes. They have stylish large mouth designs, perfect for serving salt, black pepper, sugar, pepper spice and seasonings on the table.

The ceramic spice pot set is an essential storage tool for households and kitchens. It is equipped with a lid, spoon, and tray, perfect for everyday use. The ceramic jar set comes with a beautiful tray for all three jars, which is indeed a very functional decoration.

Our ceramic storage jars provide an attractive and easy way to store dry food or other items, organizing any room in your home kitchen or office. These small storage jars also hold snacks and morsels, smaller bulk items, toiletry items and more.

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