Ceramic Candle Holders

Handcrafted ceramic candle holders create a delightful home atmosphere. If you want to liven up your interior, use a ceramic candle holder. When the candle burns out, the high-value ceramic jar can still be reused. It can store your jewelry and can also be used as decoration. Ceramics are great for making candles. Ceramic Candle Holders are durable, heat resistant, and airtight. A wide variety of styles and colors are available for you to choose from.

Ceramic Candle Containers Wholesale

Ceramic candle containers come in a variety of shapes. The diameter is large, which is conducive to the burning of the candle, and the container does not break. The ceramic with a flat bottom surface is not easy to tip over and will not allow the candle to burn to the outside.

The ceramic candle jar has a good heat resistance than glass candle holder, and can be used as a container for safely making candles. The fireproof effect is good, and the flame of the candle has no effect on the ceramics. The sealing effect is good, and the melted candle is not easy to flow out.

Pottery Votive Candle Holders
White Ceramic Pillar Candle Holders

Small candlesticks, a must for candlelight dinners, are also a careful embellishment of a happy life. Love spreads in candlelight, lazy and happy, carrying romantic emotions and warm love.

Exquisite ceramic candlesticks can add interest to home life. With its wonderful shape and the beauty and aroma of candlelight, the romantic index will definitely rise. In addition to placing candles, candlesticks can also be used alone as part of home decoration.

How do you Make Ceramic Candle Holders?

Candle Ceramic Vessels
Square White Ceramic Candle Jars

Ceramic Containers are one of the best ways to start making candle jars.

Make ceramic containers. During the firing process of the ceramics, the temperature in the kiln needs to reach 1320 degrees Celsius, and the cooling is continued for 8 hours. Before firing, ceramic candle holders need to be carefully inspected and cleaned one by one.

These ceramic jars are naturally polished with a matte finish. After polishing, it can bring people a perfectly soft and warm visual effect.

Once made, these ceramic jars are filled with specially made scented candles.



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