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Ceramic Cooking Pots are the Best Ceramic Cookware. Ceramic Cooking Pot is also called Ceramic Casserole, Ceramic Soup Pot. Ceramic pot has the advantages of resistance to temperature difference, strong and durable, strong heat gathering function, nutrition, and energy saving, and not easy to age. The ceramic cooking pots with lids are not easy to absorb food odors and stains. The non-absorbent material makes the pot less prone to aging every time it cooks.

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The physical properties of the ceramic cooking pots can reach a heat-resistant temperature difference of 500 ° C. It can be directly fed into the oven, gas stove, and microwave oven through the refrigerator, without deformation. It will not shed the glaze and lose its gloss.

The ultra-heat-resistant material selected for the ceramic stew pot has strong heat accumulation and good heat preservation, and can maintain a high heat state with the smallest firepower. Therefore, the ingredients in the ceramic soup pot are easily cooked. Moreover, since the cooking time is relatively shortened, it is more environmentally friendly to save energy.

When the ceramic pot is heated, the temperature rises slowly, so that the food can be heated evenly and fully, and the cooking is more shiny. The advantage of ceramic casserole is that it needs to be simmered slowly, has good heat preservation, and the soup is extremely delicious.

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New Ceramic Casserole Using

The casserole is a cooking pot made of clay and sand, and glaze is added to the outer layer to make it smooth and bright. Ceramic cooking pots are generally used to make soups.

Ceramic casserole is a kind of cooking utensil unique to China, especially suitable for tender meat, chicken and duck, and more suitable for making soup. It can keep the food and soup in the pot in a slightly boiling state for a long time. Due to the small fire and the long time, the meat can be rotten and the soup is delicious and unique.

The insulation performance of the casserole is particularly good, so that the soup is not easy to get cold. Casserole is also suitable for boiling traditional Chinese medicine, it will not chemically interact with the ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine and destroy the efficacy of the medicine.

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How to Maintain Ceramic Soup Pots

The ceramic soup pot is fragile, please take it lightly, do not place it too high. Ceramic Cooking Pots are not easy to keep water or food in the pot for a long time.

Ceramic casserole does not burst in the air, but long-term dry cooking will affect the life of the product. Cleaning should be thorough. Pay attention to the clean and oil-free body. Before the furnace, dry the bottom water. Do not overfill the water to avoid boiling water. It may cause burns.

When using, be sure to set the firepower below medium fire or small fire, saving energy and ensuring a cooking effect.

When cleaning, use a soft scouring pad, and do not use a sharp cleaning tool such as a steel ball.



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