TYZ Ceramic The 133rd Canton Fair

The 133rd China Import and Export Fair Daily Ceramics Exhibition will be held offline in Guangzhou from April 23 to April 27 this year. The second phase of the 133rd Canton Fair of Taoyangzi Ceramics will start soon. At the same time, the normalized Canton Fair online exhibition has also started.

Welcome to the booth to communicate with us! Our booth number is 2.2M35.

Ceramic 133rd Canton Fair

The 133rd Canton Fair

The 133rd Canton Fair will be held in three phases from April 15 to May 5, and the online platform will be operated regularly throughout the year. The 133rd Canton Fair is the largest in history, with both the exhibition area and the number of exhibitors hitting record highs.

As an exhibitor of the 133rd Canton Fair, TYZ ceramic will show our new ceramic products to buyers. The new ceramic products have been updated and improved on the basis of the original, which can better meet the diversified needs of customers.

TYZ Ceramics Factory has worked in the ceramic industry since 2009. Our main products are Ceramic Mugs, Ceramic Soup Pots, Ceramic Plates, Ceramic Bowls, Ceramic Candle Holders, Food Storage Containers, Ceramic Bathroom Sets, Ceramic Flower Pots, and so on.

Advantages of TYZ Ceramics

The glaze surface of ceramic household is bright and delicate, and it is easy to wash away after being stained. The ceramic cooking pot has the performance of withstanding a certain temperature difference and not easy to burst.

The ceramic tableware has a certain ability to resist acid, alkali and salt, and will not rust and age. Using ceramic storage jars to store food can prevent the moisture in the food from evaporating, penetrating and invading from external bacteria. Painted decorations are colorful, lead-free, and chrome-free.

We have a complete and scientific management system in product design, mold, production, and sales. We have received recognition from the social public by guaranteeing product quality and after-sales service.

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